"Connie's CPA sensibilities are challenged and inspired by the surprising and unexpected revelations her explorations have produced. It's like Arthur Andersen meets Tinkerbell!"

Mariette Edwards, Principal Star Maker Enterprises

"What a great adventure to journey with Connie in her search for alternative sources of healing! It reminded me of the inspiration I felt when reading The Celestine Prophecy."

Marci Mandell, Medical Sales Representative

"Connie Siewert, the 'healthy skeptic', charters a refreshing exploration into other healing modalities with honesty, wit, and charm. She inspires us to consider with openness new possibilities in our quest for wellness. "

Stephanie Maxine Ross, Medical Botanist and Holistic Practitioner to CEO’s and Celebrities

"Connie's book is an interesting read for clubs or groups that wish to learn about different types of healing -- it's a catalyst for discussions regarding alternative therapies and deciding which ones to explore as part of one's own individual wellness journey."

Sharon Cuppett, Avid Reader and Book Club Member


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