Is a pill or surgery the only answer to health issues?

Ideas explored in The Skeptic's Guide to The Adventures of Life:

Could your current situation be the nasty after-effect of a past life?
Is there some rogue element rumbling around in you from a previous accident?
Can your eyes let someone see right down to your liver and lungs?
How would it feel to get a turbo-charged colonoscopy?
Do the stars give you a map marking the potholes in the road for the soul?
How do you place a call to the cosmic 911?
Is it possible for healing energy to take the Express and spring from a painting?
Can a rock make you feel better?
Is being cupped and punctured a therapy or part of a contact sport?
Can someone touch your lungs through your feet?
Is there more to good vibrations than the song suggests?
Could talking to Trigger give you new insight?
Will toys and a sandbox share secrets of the mind?
Who are intuitives talking to?
Can you actually say hello to a traveling soul?


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