The Skeptic's Guide to the
Adventures of Life
is a light-
hearted look at life's deeper
lessons and mysteries as it chronicles business strategist
Connie Siewert's personal experiences, and those of
her healers, during a three year
journey to wellness.

It's an experiential review
of alternative healing
modalities by an open-minded
skeptic and has been
described as "Arthur
Andersen meets Tinkerbell".

Ideas Explored

Healing modalities covered
include past life regression,
healing touch, trauma release,
guided imagery, reiki,
shamanism, naturopathy,
iridology, homeopathic
remedies, colon hydrotherapy,
angel channeling, astrology,
medical intuitive, distance
healing, paintings that heal,
color therapy, gem and mineral
therapy, acupuncture, cupping,
reflexology, sound and vibration
therapy, equine assisted
psychotherapy, spiritual
counseling and communing with spirits from the other side.

Table of Contents

It's a great book to take to the
beach or as a travel companion
while flying to your destination
and promises a fresh
perspective on some
pre-conceived notions, new
ideas to consider and new
approaches that might help
you along your way.

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Excerpt from Chapter 8:
Medical Intuitive/

"My investigative reporter
persona was in full swing and
I was delighted to have such
a willing subject to interrogate.
I wanted to know everything
about Brent and her medical
intuitive abilities. What it was
like to be her, how did it work,
how did she feel about it."

Chapter 8:
Medical Intuitive/
Healer continued...

Empowering Caregivers:
Chapter 12: Reflexologist

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About Connie..
Always open to life's
possibilities, Connie Siewert
is constantly in motion as she
finds herself meeting new
people, exploring new
thoughts and discovering
new truths. She is totally
energized by opportunities
to gain new wisdom and has
a passion for sharing her
experiences with others
through the written word...

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According to a recent
study, the CDC reported the
following has tried some
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36% of the general population
49% when people have
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43% when income exceeds
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